Who We Are

CUTS Institute for Regulation & Competition (CIRC)

CIRC, is a not for profit and independent research and capacity building organisation which has been active in the areas of competition, regulation and sustainable infrastructure including PPPs. We assist multilateral and bilateral government and private agencies in knowledge creation as well as capacity building for achieving better outcomes in policy formulation and also projects that they undertake. CIRC’s capabilities and contribution are now internationally acknowledged and this is amply demonstrated by the mandates it has received from international organisations such as the UNCTAD, UNICEF and the ADB.

It’s work in the area of the interplay between economics and law, the role of competition in driving open economies, and the need for regulation and its impact on the development and growth of different sectors has been well received. CIRC has also been involved in pioneering research in areas of sustainable infrastructure, with special focus on People first Public Private Partnerships (PfPPP).

Through a very tightly knit and competent research and capacity building faculty and a large network of subject matter specialists and experts, CIRC has been producing very well researched studies, many of which have been published in reputed journals. In a world becoming increasing complex, CIRC would continue to play a very important role in research based knowledge creation and capacity building not only in India, but also in other parts of the world.

The Emerging Scenario

With the advent of digital economy, there is a paradigm shift in the way markets function. The new age internet economy is challenging the traditional markets and affecting consumer demand. Advanced technologies like big data analytics, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence are revolutionizing the industries. Several new issues are arising in the technology space with regard to competition. Globally, competition authorities are grappling with regulating the new age digital markets under the traditional competition law. CIRC is striving to excel in research and knowledge creation in this new area through its publications, capacity building activities and online courses.

CIRC is also pursuing actively research in increasingly critical area of sustainable infrastructure. It is involved in model building for more effective and responsive PPPs, especially in SDG related projects, which would help governments in the emerging market economies and developing countries and harness private capital and managerial efficiencies to achieve SDG by 2030.

CIRC also offers online and offline courses and training on PPP and procurement, Energy law and policy. Its online courses are open throughout the year for both Indian and foreign nationals. To take this initiative forward, CIRC has entered into an agreement with major reputed international and national agencies such as APMG International, with whom CIRC is providing Certified PPP Professional(CP3P) training courses in India.