20th  February, 2017

           Vol. VI; Issue:08

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News Updates from India


News Updates from Other Jurisdictions


   Competition Commission rejects allegations against 11 organisations.

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   SC to hear Uber's plea against Compat order on March 1.

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   Competition Commission of India rejects complaint of unfair business practices at Jawaharlal Nehru Port.

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   SBI-SBT merger likely to be delayed.

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   CCI clears Maersk firm of anti-competition charges.
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 CCP conducts Competition Advocacy Academia Drive seminar in FJWU.

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 Philippine, Antitrust body gets gag order, TRO on review of P70-B SMC telco sale stays.

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 Syngenta Says U.S. Extends ChemChina-Deal Antitrust Review.

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 Enbridge, Spectra win U.S. antitrust approval for merger.

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 South Africa's Competition Commission prosecutes banks for collusion.

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Scholarly Articles


  The Intersection of Antitrust and Market Manipulation Law

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