Intellectual Property plays a pivotal role in designing business strategies. Licensing of IP rights is an effective tool for achieving various business goals including starting, innovating and expanding business. Licensing helps an enterprise to commercialise its IP or expand its operations into new markets more effectively and with greater ease than on its own. The practical knowledge through this course will contribute to more effective licensing of IP which is at the base of numerous business practices like technology transfer, merchandising, franchising, software licensing, etc. This course aims at equipping the participants with the practical and applied aspects of IP licensing so that it is helpful for them to license and manage IP efficiently.

♦ Understand IP Licensing.
♦ Learn why IP licensing makes business sense.
♦ Negotiate IP licensing deal.
♦ Prepare IP license agreement.
♦ Manage IP licensing agreement.

Module 1. Fundamental Concepts of IP Licensing
Module 2. Copyright Licensing
Module 3. Trade Mark Licensing
Module 4. Patent Licensing
Module 5. Trade Secrets and Design Licensing
Module 6. Business Practices based on IP Licensing
Module 7. IP Licensing and Competition Law
Module 8. Management of IP Licenses

♦ Author-Dr. Raman Mittal, Associate Professor, University of Delhi.
♦ Reviewer-Dr. Arul G. Scaria, Assistant Professor, National Law University, Delhi.
♦ Course Team-Mr. Saket Sharma, Senior Fellow CIRC, Ms. Shaktiki Sharma, Associate Fellow, CIRC